Malaysian investors may now gain exposure to the broader Hong Kong market with structured warrants over the Hang Seng Index (HSI), to the Chinese technology sector with structured warrants over the Hang Seng TECH Index (HSTECH) and to specific Hong Kong listed companies with structured warrants over Hong Kong shares! Learn more about each underlying and their warrants below.

Why trade warrants over Hong Kong shares and indices?

Hang Seng Index
Trade moves in the broader Hong Kong market
Serves as a proxy for the wider Asian markets
Reflects price movements of major sectors
Hang Seng TECH Index
Gain leverage on the volatile HSTECH index
Access to the leading tech giants
Broad coverage of technology sector
Hong Kong Shares
Gain exposure to specific Hong Kong listed companies
Can be traded on Bursa with existing CDS accounts
Coverage includes well-known names such as Alibaba, Geely and Xiaomi
Macquarie’s call and put warrants listed on Bursa Malaysia allow investors to trade on a bullish or bearish view, providing increased trading opportunities with investors’ existing trading accounts. Trade with confidence using the Live Matrix Plus to see how the warrant price will move for every change in the underlying and use it to determine entry and exit points.

How to get started?

Trade Macquarie’s warrants on Bursa Malaysia just like how you trade shares! Simply login to your local brokerage account to start trading. You may view the live HSI and HSTECH futures level on our homepage and can also view the live underlying prices for the Hong Kong shares with the Underlying Charts tool.
The market-making hours for warrants over the HSI and HSTECH will be from 9:15am to 11:58am, then 2:30pm to 4:28pm, while for warrants over the Hong Kong shares will be from 9:30am to 11:58am, then 2:30pm to 3:58pm.

Risk factors of warrants

Leverage, also known as gearing works in both ways, meaning one can gain or lose more in trading warrants than investing directly in the underlying asset.

As with all investment products, warrants are subject to price movements in the underlying asset and other prevailing market fluctuations or circumstances. An investor may loss the full amount invested in the warrant.

If held overnight, warrants are subjected to holding costs which increases the longer the holding period is. Manage holding costs by using the warrant calculator.

Warrants with foreign underlying assets are subject to foreign exchange risk. The warrants trade and settle in MYR, and the value of the warrants will change in response to movements in the FX rate, as well as the underlying asset.

Given the HSTECH index has exposure only to technology companies, the performance of the index may not correlate with the performance of other indices that track the market generally or track other sectors or asset classes. This may affect the performance of the Warrants as compared to other warrants that are linked to other indices. The HSTECH warrants may experience increased price volatility of technology stocks and may be more susceptible to economic, market, political or regulatory occurrences affecting technology stocks than other warrants over indices that do not concentrate in the technology sector.
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* All information on this page is based on data sourced from Bloomberg, and the websites of Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited and the Hong Kong exchange, as of 31 May 2021, which includes back-tested data for the period before the HSTECH index’s launch date of 27 July 2020.