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Daryl Guppy - Overcome your fear of market highs (2018)

Want to navigate the Malaysian equity market with confidence? Learn how to use technical indicators to identify market tops and how to trade this current bull trend. Discover how the General Elections may affect the overall market landscape and identify the right strategies to weather through it.

In the “Navigating the Malaysian Market” seminar held on 3 March 2018, Daryl explores the market outlook for the Malaysian equity market, the U.S. and a range of commodities which impact Malaysian equities in his presentation titled “Overcome your fear of market highs”. He explains which technical indicators work best to identify market trends and shows how you can trade the market effectively.

Guest speakers
Episode 1
Trading turbulence
Episode 2
Market trends and environment
Episode 3
Reading Bubbles, Head and Shoulders, Parabolics and Rounding Tops
Episode 4
Simple trade solutions
Episode 5
Identifying trading opportunities with GMMA
Episode 6
Applying GMMA on commodities and global markets charts
Episode 7
Trading Malaysian stocks
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