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Craig Lazzara - What impact will the new US Government have on markets in 2017?

2017 promises to be a year of change in the US and financial market commentators are focused on what this transitional period will mean for US markets and where they are heading. In a seminar held on 25 February 2017, Craig Lazzara – Global head of Index Investment Strategy of S&P Dow Jones Indices, shared his insights into what 2017 has in store for US markets, the potential impact on Asian markets and what this means for investors.

Separately, Macquarie Warrants explains how investors can trade the moves in the S&P500 via warrants.

Guest speakers
Chapter One
Importance of the S&P 500
Chapter Two
Performance of the S&P post-election
Chapter Three
Trump policy outlook
Chapter Four
Volatility, dispersion-correlation and possible returns on S&P 500
Chapter Five
What is happening in other markets
Chapter Six
What happens under a protectionist scenario
Chapter Seven
Likelihood of a crisis for Asia?
Chapter Eight
S&P 500 vs Malaysia
Chapter Nine
S&P 500's forward P/E is at its highest since 2004, should we be worried?
Chapter Ten
Reasons to trade S&P warrants
Chapter Eleven
Example of using S&P puts
Chapter Twelve
Example of using S&P calls
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