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Daryl Guppy - 2016 Star Stock Picks in Malaysia

Global equity markets had a grim start to 2016, with indices and stocks hitting new lows. After the first quarter, with most markets slowly rebounding, the question many are asking is - “which stocks can I buy”?

In this 8 part video seminar, Daryl Guppy returns to share his outlook for global and regional markets. Using his patented Guppy Multiple Moving Average (GMMA) indicator, Guppy provides his views on the direction for major global indexes, commodities and selected Malaysian stocks.

Guest speakers
Chapter One
Trading Long or Short via Structured Warrants
Chapter Two
Strategic outlook - global indexes
Chapter Three
How to use moving averages
Chapter Four
Using GMMA to predict trends
Chapter Five
Guppy's stock picks (part 1)
Chapter Six
Guppy's stock picks (part 2)
Chapter Seven
Commodities and Currencies
Chapter Eight
How to manage risk
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