Learn about structured warrants with these bite-sized animated videos! In these videos, we will provide an introduction on structured warrants and the things to know when trading or investing in warrants.

Trading structured warrants has never been easier (0:38)
Episode 1: What are Structured Warrants? (2:22)
Episode 2: Why trade Warrants? (2:54)
Episode 3: How to select a Warrant? (3:02)
Episode 4: How to monitor Warrant price changes? (2:50)
Episode 5: How to use the Live Matrix for real time warrant prices (3:17)
First Step: What are Structured Warrants? (3:02)
Structured Warrants and Cryptocurrencies: why they are different (2:29)
Structured Warrants and Shares: how do they fit into your portfolio? (2:40)
Structured Warrants and Fixed Deposits: how do they fit into your portfolio? (2:42)

We regularly invite guest speakers to share their market expertise with you. Watch videos of previous talks and join us at any upcoming seminars. Also, hear what our investors have to say about their warrant trading experience!

Guest speaker videos
Daryl Guppy 2018: Overcome your fear of market highs
Success Speaks: Warrant investors share their trading experience
Craig Lazzara: What impact will the new US Government have on markets in 2017?
Daryl Guppy 2016: Star Stock Picks in Malaysia
Daryl Guppy 2015: Trading the tired bull